Tiger  GmbH

Casting Equipment


Our product range includes crucibles from all the leading  machine manufacturers. On request, we can create any special sizes or shapes that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Please send us a sample or a technical drawing and we can manufacture them to your exact specification.

We can manufacture crucibles in a number of different materials such as SiO, MgO, AlO or ZrO (stabilized with CaO, YO or MgO).

The main applications for our crucibles are:

• Crucibles for melting platinum, titanium, steel, palladium, chrome and nickel alloys

• Stopper rods

• Crucibles for the dental industry

• Crucible for heat treatment of rubies

• Crucibles for analyzing chemical substances

• Crucibles for photovoltaics

• Crucibles for high thermal applications.

Ceramic crucible for melting platinum

Our crucibles have the following benefits:

  • Longer lifetime than competitive products.
  • 40-60 casts per crucible are possible, depending on the amount of platinum used (average 300 grams).
  • Less loss of platinum. Due to the low level of vitrification and the smooth surface, less platinum adheres to the walls of the crucible. This allows lower remanufacturing costs to be achieved. Our customers specify a 3-4 times lower loss of platinum.
  • Improved quality of the casting results. Due to the low level of vitrification and the smooth surface, there is very little exchange between platinum and ceramic. Therefore there is less ceramic in the casting.
  • High thermal shock resistance. Our crucibles do not have to be pre-heated before casting. This can save time and energy. There is also no need to cool down in the oven. You can work with full energy for melting. This also saves time and energy. The faster the casting-cycle, the longer the shelf life of our crucibles.
  • High strength. Due to the strong resistance to breakdown, the danger of bursting the crucible and the resulting destruction of the casting maschine is minimized.

Ceramic crucible for melting titanium

  • Depending on the amount used, several titanium casts can be made in our ceramic crucibles.
  • The Tiger crucibles can also be used to cast steel (with the exception of nickel alloys).

Ceramic crucible for melting steel

  • Due to the unique composition, the crucible is prevented from breaking even under high thermal requirements.

Ceramic crucibles for melting dental alloys

-> The most important thing in the dental industry is that there should be no contamination of the alloy!

  • Minimized contamination. We have developed a ceramic which limits ceramic contamination of the alloy to practically nothing.
  • High durability. Our crucibles have approximately double the life of other crucibles without any contamination of the melted material or the crucible being damaged in the process.

Ceramic crucible for melting palladium alloys

  • Higher purity in the casting. When graphite crucibles are used, the melt is enriched with carbon. As a result, the metal has to be reconditioned after three melts at the latest.
  • Simplified further processing. By using our crucibles, you can reduce rework later in the production cycle. It is easier for the goldsmith to work with a metal that has not been contaminated with carbon.