Tiger  GmbH

Casting Equipment


Thanks to years of experience and constant quality checks, our crucibles are of a unique quality. All ceramic products are handcrafted in detail.

Thanks to our large range of shapes, we are able to produce ceramic crucibles for almost all machines. Should there ever be a need for a new shape, this can be created according to your specified dimensions.

In addition, our ceramic crucibles can be tailored to your exact needs by the use of coatings.

We are able to apply the following coatings:

  • ZrO
  • YO

Upon request, it is also possible to manufacture our crucibles from the following materials:

  • SiO
  • ZrO (stabilized with CaO, YO or MgO)
  • MgO
  • AlO

We would be happy to work with you to produce a crucible to your exact specification.

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